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Bitrue Crypto Exchange allows you to buy, sell and exchange digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in its most basic form.

What is Bitrue Exchange?

Bitrue is registered in Singapore with offices across the United States, Singapore and Taiwan, established in July 2018 by a combination of digital finance professionals, cyber security practitioners and blockchain developers.

While relatively new, with its latest addition of fiat purchases, Bitrue is backed by strong communities and is quickly becoming the one-stop platform for crypto traders around the world.

Bitrue describes itself as the “most convenient and advanced web-based platform where crypto investors can buy, sell, store and move their coins,” adding that use is completely safe and secure.

When designing the exchange, the team drew on their vast experience and three words are prominently visible on their website: Security, Speed and Simplicity, which resembles the company’s mission to crypto traders.

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Bitrue Features 

High Performance Order Matching Engine – Offering a matching engine with multi-threaded, high-performance market order.

Trusted and Secure – Getting an outstanding history of uptime with a hierarchical design and protection system against DDOS.

All Devices Covered – Bitrue Exchange passes through phones smoothly. Every computer has access to our websites, accounts and support for trading.


Bitrue Coin (BTR)

BTR (Bitrue Coin) is a coin for its own token network project provided by Bitrue.

BTR is a token known as the platform. It was supported by an exchange of crypts called “Bitrue.” 

At first an ERC-20 coin, it will eventually be moved to the XRP ledger.

bitrue coin

The Bitrue Hack 

Announced by a large Twitter thread, a recent hack, Bitrue, lost a big stash of XRP and Cardano (ADA). 

The exchange sad that a hacker had succeeded in siphoning “9.3 million XRP and 2.5 million ADA” from Bitrue’s “warm wallet” to “different exchanges,” being shockingly candid and up front about the specifics of this fiasco. 

The crypto community applauds Bitrue for his quick, professional response to the incident. 

The exchange detected the attack promptly and responded immediately to the breach of security to mitigate the loss of additional funds.

bitrue hack

How to Deposit Funds to Bitrue

This trading platform allows no fiat currency deposits. 

This means that new investors in cryptocurrency (i.e. investors with no prior holdings in cryptocurrencies) are unable to trade here. 

You need a so-called entry-level exchange to buy your first cryptocurrencies, which is an exchange accepting fiat currency deposits.

How to Buy Crypto on Bitrue

The basic business environment has a simple, easy-to-understand format. 

Also important information is shown to make trades. 

You have to remember that Bitrue is a professional trading platform, so it may seem too complicated for some newbies to use even the basic trade setting. 

It won’t take you long to catch it, though!

Bitrue Withdrawals 

Bitrue Exchange has dropped the withdrawal fee for XRP if your payment is lower than $100.

If you are a Ripple fan, you should test this exchange.

Trading On Bitrue 

Bitrue is a handy option for experienced traders with a live chart documenting the prevailing rates on various combinations.

Combinations include crypto/crypto and crypto/USDT (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash).

bitrue trading

Bitrue Trading Fees

Trading charges for Bitrue are among the lowest on the market. 

Bitrue does not pay users to make deposits. 

This is attributable to the cryptocurrency-only trade. 

This prevents the high fees that must be paid by exchanges offering fiat trading.

Bitrue Security

Bitrue’s user experience is mostly good, as the web is fairly sensitive and available, customer support quickly reacts and there is no need for initial KYC to begin depositing cryptography and trading if you find it to be positive

There is two-factor authentication, and it’s always a nice sight. Nevertheless, it is understood that a multi-tier and multi-tier system architecture is possible on the network.

If you’re trying to login from an unused computer or IP address on Bitrue, you’ll need to check this via your registered email account. While conducting main account tasks, such as withdrawals, you can also choose to receive email alerts.

Bitrue Power Piggy 

Powerpiggy System–Keeping for transaction cryptocurrencies!

Bitrue provides 7.3 percent annual interest to keep your coins on their platform, close to the incentives for XRP owners.

With ten cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and Vechain, there are’ Powerpiggy’ incentives. 

You don’t have to worry about losing your coins with Bitrue; the exchange already secures most of the funds of your customers

In truth, PowerPiggy keeps your crypto online and you’re going to get interest. 



Despite the fact that Bitrue is still a relatively young exchange, they concentrate on the right pillars: security, speed, simplicity and customer friendliness. 

For XRP owners and traders, Bitrue is certainly the perfect place. 

More encouragingly, Bitrue has already confirmed that they plan to make a base pair of XRP available on their platform for each cryptocurrency.

Based on everything outlined so far, Bitrue is undeniably a leading exchange for cryptocurrencies offering great fees and incredible digital currency support. 

Because it is said to have access to abundant resources and partners, Bitrue is likely to continue to grow and give its customers great digital currency exchange services.

Bitrue has some positive features for those interested, such as the XRP base market or the Power Piggy (gaining confidence in your crypto)-if you are confident with the ambiguous terms. 

All in all, Bitrue is a great exchange and has a bright future ahead. 

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