offers an excellent all-in – one crypto trading platform which connects to the APIs of your exchange accounts. 

It allows you to control many markets, track portfolio coins, set smart orders, and execute trades in a few clicks.

Bitsgap links you to various cryptocurrency exchanges and from its single app you can perform all the different functions such as trading, charting and portfolio management that these exchanges provide.

Bitsgap is a cross-exchange platform that allows you to link all of your exchanges in one location, it is becoming increasingly popular as Bitsgap is one of the pioneers in arbitrage trading. 

Launched in February 2018, Bitsgap is offering its users to connect in one location with 30 top trading exchanges.

This is a new standard for crypto-trading platforms, a fast-accessible network that includes thousands of devices, crypto-currency pairs, and even robots. 

So let’s look at today’s Bitsgap. 

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What’s The Deal Of Bitsgap?

Bitsgap platform allows you to connect 30 + top-rated crypto exchanges in one place and trade more than 10,000+ crypto-currency pairs watched from their app. 

The platform of Bitsgap is fitted with various trading tools such as stop loss, gain, buy and sell limit orders, numerous technical indicators, drawing tool, etc.

Many traders are familiar with maps, as Bitsgap uses the tradingview engine to produce graphs. 

As you may know, all the technical indicators and drawing resources that you need for your complex technical charts will be included.

How Does Bitsgap Work? 

The main goal of BitsGap is to provide a simple, glamorous, and secure way for consumers to access various cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can trade everything from your BitsGap dashboard instead of logging into each cryptocurrency exchange individually to trade a particular cryptocurrency pair. 

To monitor your profit / loss over time, your investments, and your acquisitions, you can view your BitsGap portfolio.

BitsGap also highlights incentives for arbitrage. 

Users can access more than 20,000 trading opportunities each second, taking advantage of the price differences among two of the 15 BitsGap-listed cryptocurrency exchanges.

Number Of Supported Exchanges

Besides the variety of its offerings, perhaps the biggest advantage that separates Bitsgap from the crowd is the amount of exchanges that the site supports.

Bitsgap users were able to monitor market prices through these exchanges, keep an eye on trading signals, and set up bots. 

Users of the platform could also benefit from incentives to arbitrate on the markets that fund it.

BitsGap will offer a variety of attractive key features to make trading more competitive for experienced crypto traders, including trading metrics, alerts and a portfolio app, as well as social trading, and much more.

Currently, there are among the various trading platforms that BitsGap will link and unify:,,,,,,,,,,, and many others that are yet to come.


Bitsgap Features

Bitsgap has developed many complex trading tools, including a portfolio service that provides live order information, to track multiple open positions on different exchanges; a profit and loss tracker through entire traders positions; and the ability to track entire portfolio performance through simple graphs. 

In addition, traders can track their resources ‘ output over customizable

Arbitrage Trading Features

Here, we’re not going to talk much about Bitsgap portfolio management features that are pretty standard and allow you to display your investments via token and exchange.

Accessible by clicking on the’ Arbitrage’ tab, this function handily compiles a list of potential arbitrage possibilities in one easy-to-view format from all its supported trade. 

You should be able to exploit them as long as you have the requisite accounts with those exchanges and have added the API keys to the website.

crypto arbitrage

Trading Bot

This is a new feature was released in June 2019. 

We have been checking the robot and it’s a benefit.

This Trading Bot arrives in the cryptocurrency market at a time of extreme uncertainty. 

The constant price changes put off new entrants interested in being part of the incentives prevalent in the industry. 

However, the cryptocurrency market’s volatile conditions appear to require round – the-clock surveillance that is not feasible for most citizens.

Traders should consider this bot unlike the currently available complicated options in the cryptocurrency market.

In sharp contrast to Bitsgap Trading Bot, these algorithm-based bots often fail to keep up with the market’s rapid movements.

When the price falls, the bot works by purchasing a cryptocurrency and selling it when it rises. 

To demonstrate, the first sale order will be placed immediately, a purchase order will be placed at the point of the previous price, and vice versa.

Traders are assured of stable earnings with this approach regardless of market upward or downward movements.

trading bot

Manage your Portfolio in one place

If you’re sick of juggling multiple portfolio devices, then look at the portfolio function of Bitsgap. 

It gives you a quick overview of your entire portfolio, regardless of the actual markets or resources.

You can see a summary that will show you how well your overall portfolio does at a glance, or you can see individual resources instead.

It also gives you the opportunity to access your watchlists and any open orders or positions on your profile. 

This feature allows you to see easily what needs to be done and whether you have any positions that need to be opened or closed.

Live portfolio monitoring allows traders to monitor recent transactions on all connected exchanges and provide a thorough trading activity description. 

The platform allows users to know exactly how much money they make and to highlight the most successful trades they have done in the past.

Smart orders with Bitsgap

Bitsgap provides traders with a wide range of useful order types

It includes orders for both stop-loss and take-profit. 

The take benefit order is especially interesting as it takes the money for you, well.

The system will close a place for you automatically once it reaches a certain level of gain. 

This helps you to conduct business as you see fit without continuous market control.

A lack of a stop will do the opposite. 

This gives you peace of mind, which helps you to stop worrying about going south of your trades. 

If your asset takes an unwanted nose dive saving your money, this form of trading will trigger.

DEMO account

The Bitsgap team brought closer trading to novice users and added a demo mode to check trading strategies on all supported exchanges in a risk-free environment.

Using the cool free tool called Bitsgap is the best way to learn cryptocurrency trading without any threat to your current portfolio. 

This tool features a great function of cryptocurrency demo trading which allows you to start learning how to trade without losing your assets.

You can trade live using actual market conditions when using the demo app. 

They also have plenty of great tools for technical analysis that allow you to draw trend lines and view things like the moving average to make better trades.

demo account

Shadow orders

Shadow orders, like stealth mode, allow you to place orders that are not on the books. It doesn’t freeze the assets either, so you can have multiple open orders depending on some circumstances. To Bitsgap traders, it’s a special and very useful feature.

Stop-loss/take profit order

Use these advanced order types to ensure that when certain price limits are met, the orders are executed to ensure that you either earn a profit or do not lose money when a trade goes south.

User Security

Bitsgap provides strong security guarantees to traders as a trading platform, with all actions performed on the Bitsgap network using API keys for traders.

Entry to the user account is secured by a safe password, requiring unknown devices to be approved by email. 

Similarly, failed login attempts lead to temporary lockouts of account and API, and users can opt to use 2FA to entry their account.

Users identify key API settings, and Bitsgap only requires users access to trading history, balance view, and trading capabilities. 

Therefore, Bitsgap will never store or display API keys in an unencrypted format. 

Bitsgap uses encrypted distribution which delivers to the Bitsgap database the user’s API safely.

Bitsgap Price

Since Bitsgap is not just a trading bot but a full-fledged exchange aggregator, its pricing is tried with the various features it brings to the table. 

But even then, the template of pricing that the product implements is quite modest.

It provides support for email through all its products. Bitsgap also offers priority service for users on its Basic and Pro program. 

Users were able to open tickets for help and have them respond accordingly.

The Bitsgap platform is for beginners as well as professional traders, with a variety of subscription plans customized to match all trading skills. 

Each subscription bundle offers various services and monthly trading limits.

Free Plan

Bitsgap has a free plan with all standard features but limited access to certain features of the network. It also comes with a $1,000 monthly volume limit.

Their customer support is top notch, and within a few business days they will solve any problems.

The group has also developed a huge knowledge base of data for those who are more interested in a self-service approach to help new customers get on board.

Paid Plans

Bitsgap’s paid services are available in three different packages, all with a combination of all of the platform’s standard features and access to free exchanges.

bitsgap price

Basic Package

This package comes with 2 trading bots and a monthly volume limit of $25,000 in addition to the core set of services. 

There is no arbitrage option in this kit. 

The monthly price, when billed annually, is €14/month, or €17/month.

Advanced Package 

This also has the default set of features in this package. 

Yet this has the arbitrage feature’s added advantage. 

It comes with five bots and a $100,000 monthly volume limit. 

The monthly rate is €31/month, either paid annually, or €39/month. It also comes with priority support for this package.

Pro Package 

The bundle has everything the company has to offer as the most innovative product from the platform. 

It boasts 15 bots for trading and arbitration. 

This falls on the €97month price tag or, if paid quarterly, €78/month.

Pros And Cons


  • Simple configuration
  • Multi-monetary accounts
  • Secure System
  • Fast Deposits & Withdrawals


  •  Unregulated
  • No info on margin

Final Thoughts 

Bitsgap’s best part is that the product is surprisingly fast and user-free. 

Within a few business days, the support service solves problems and the group has built a comprehensive knowledge base of internal user resources to help new customers on board.

Probably the best of its kind on the market right now is Bitsgap. 

Most exchanges, crypto pairs and services that make your business life so convenient and helpful. 

Bitsgap is very conveniently revolutionizing the market for crypto-currency trading services. 

Bitsgap has it all, attractive software, trading bots, signal support, fund management, and that’s why they’re the market leader right now.

To be your primary bot tool and portfolio management system, you may find it appealing enough.

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