Blockchain domains help simplify crypto-currency transactions by replacing crypto-currency addresses with human-readable names

For example, instead of a long cryptocurrency address, a .crypto or .zil domain will work to get paid.

The aim is both to keep track of how each virtual currency unit is being spent and to prevent unauthorized adjustments to the ledger. 

What is a Blockchain domains? 

Blockchain domains can be used to create websites that are immune to censorship. Custodians such as Godaddy and Google Domains store conventional domain resources on your behalf. 

blockchain domain is stored and controlled by you so that no company or court order can take it.

Decentralized domains such as BIT,.ETH,.COIN, and. LIB, based on blockchain technology, have become increasingly relevant with the growing popularity of blockchain technology and data privacy policies.

These’ domains’ are not true domain names, meaning that they do not use the ICANN-coordinated DNS and do not resolve content in the traditional sense, they require certain actions

It is obvious that anybody in the world can easily register their preferred domain name. 

Hundreds of service providers would require the right price for consumers to do so. 

Blockchain Domains can act as a payment gateway, are not subject to censorship, and are not approved or governed by ICANN. 

Whats wrong with the current system of domain?

Customers are going to pay once for the domain name they want and keep it forever. 

These can be passed to other users just as cryptocurrency funds would be moved to a different account. 

Nonetheless, there is a trade-off, because users are not going to be able to access these new domain extensions like other websites. 

Where can I buy a blockchain domain? is a place where you can quickly buy domains, customize domains, and where you can create uncensored websites and handle all those resources in the near future.

Unstoppable Domains is a company that builds domains on blockchains located in San Francisco. 

Draper Associates and Boost VC fund the organization and have received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and the Zilliqa Foundation.

Unstoppable Domains is that the players who typically participate in the domain name system can not take down a domain name. 

The name Unstopable Domains, therefore. 

The company is attempting to introduce new extensions as well as to add blockchain features to existing extensions.

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These roles are not yet clearly defined with the modern blockchain-based alternatives to DNS.

We are on the verge of new capacity for blockchain. 

Many existing problems will be solved by the new domain names: from content management to private domain ownership. 

Let’s be patient and see what other developers of blockchain can do.

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