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Brave is a privacy and performance-focused open source browser. 

This browser is not only secure and private, but it also has many amazing features. 

Google Chrome has long been one of the best web browsers, but Chrome has recently become more like a monitoring application that tracks a lot of things from your personal searches.

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What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a software open source with an integrated ad blocker.

The big idea behind Brave is that you can pay them directly from your app instead of supporting websites by displaying their banner ads.

Brave app makes a name for itself among those interested in privacy because it provides users with a secure, fast, and private browsing experience. Brave is proud to be more than just a new type of browser.

Brave was developed by Mozilla’s co-founder and JavaScript’s inventor.

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How does the Brave Bowser Work

You use money to buy cryptocurrency Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT), and BAT goes into your Brave wallet.

Brave can keep track of how much time you spend on every page or channel on YouTube.

Then Brave will break your BAT and charge every month for websites and YouTube channels depending on how much time you spent using them.

brave rewards

What is BAT (Basic Attention Token)?

Brave’s Basic Attention Tokens, or BAT, are virtual tokens used by the app when Brave users visit their site to monetarily reward website owners. 

The more courageous people visiting the website, the more crypto the author gets.

Cryptocurrency BAT is integrated with Brave Browser where it gives you a discount for watching the advertisements and provides the user with a Decentralized Affiliate Portal where the user is charged to refer the user to access their browser.

Not only has BAT launched the payment solution, it also introduces a distributed revenue-sharing model where they will be a game-changer because it would give the tech giant Google RVS Project Adsense a tough fight.

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Where can I buy BAT tokens? 

The easiest way to get some BAT tokens is to trade some Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin for it from within the app itself, the cryptocurrency that the Brave Privacy application uses to pay website owners.

Alternatives to Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browser 

Chrome – Google’s Chrome remains by quite a margin the most common web browser in the world, though it also includes users of Windows. This popularity is not difficult to understand, since Chrome is an excellent tool that has a full eco-system of plug-ins and plugins, ranging from security filters to grammar-fixing ones.

Firefox – Firefox also removes third-party cookies — these are the bits of software left by advertisers attempting to aggregate what you’re doing through multiple sites to construct a more detailed picture of who you are.

Safari – With every successive update on iOS and macOS, Apple continues to add anti-tracking software to Safari, but there is no preference option for your browser when you’re on Windows or Android, of course.

Brave Interface and Features 

With all the elements you’ve come to expect in a browser, Brave provides a clean and crisp interface that’s fairly intuitive to use. Brave’s individual tabs feature icons for easy recognition, and flipping the cursor over a tab gives details on that tab’s site without clicking on the tab and enabling it.

Main Features

  • Adblocking Feature Review
  • Pop Up Blocker: Malicious Software Blocker:
brave shields

Brave Security and Privacy

A lot of good security features are included in the browser. The “shields” menu on the right hand side of the address bar provides a great summary of everything that is disabled and enabled on the open page and also helps you to monitor your basic security settings, such as tracking protection, forcing HTTPS connections and deleting files, cookies and device recognition.

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Brave Speed/Performance

Brave is a speed machine We found it put less strain on device resource in our informal tests than even lean browsers like Firefox Quantum.

You don’t have to wait for them to load because Brave blocks ads and tracking scripts.

In reality, the home screen of Brave will even count how much time you have saved for you. 

Here’s how ours looks after a couple of weeks of using Brave as my primary browser.

brave trackers

How to Install The Brave Browser? 

You can download Brave from this page on the website of Brave Software.

The site must recognize the operating system of the computer automatically and give the appropriate version. 

If not, choose from the options at the bottom of the page: Windows x86 or Windows x64, Windows 7 or later; macOS 10.9 or later; or Debian, Fedora, Ming, openSUSE and Ubuntu Linux x64.

Brave Rewards System For Content Creators and Users

Brave is an open source browser that focuses on privacy and performance.

Not only is this browser secure and private, it also has a lot of incredible features. 

Brave users who consent to accept advertisements will be compensated with BATs; the tokens may be passed on as help for their pages to publishers. Instead, Brave expects users to exchange their tokens for premium content or advanced features of the website.

When it comes to compensating developers, the browser has a unique approach. Rewarding is achieved through the network of Brave Advertising and contributions from users. 

When applying for benefit, publishers are required to register with the network. Registered publishers receive 55% of the ad revenue substituted.

earn rewards

Pros of Brave Browser 

  • 3x Faster than other browsers 
  • Auto Ad-blocker 
  • Time-saving 
  • Hardware secured 
  • Earn crypto by surfing ads 

Cons of Brave Browser

  • Many websites do not allow users to browse their website by disabling trackers, for example, when we try to block their trackers, Twitter, Google and many other websites did not work properly. Therefore, when surfing the web on other browsers, users face different appearances.
  • Brave users could financially support website owners by donating BAT tokens, but it is uncertain whether this source of income can compensate for the loss in ad revenue, especially when considering that users need to purchase BAT tokens with their own money before they can donate.


Brave app is an interesting product aimed at revolutionizing the crypto digital advertising platform and the market. 

Bear in mind that most third-party plugins are not endorsed by Brave, which may be a real problem for some users. 

It’s a new player in town, so it may take some time for average users to gain confidence. 

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