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AltSeason is Just Around The Corner!

When someone mentions AltSeason, we automatically think of Lambo's and crypto going to the moon.  Yes, you are right that is part of it but we need to look further than just making a quick buck and look at what an altseason means for crypto and its future. Let's...

The Top Vechain (Vet) Twitter Influencers

VET IS GOING TO THE MOON.  Yes, the moon.  If you love or hate Vechain influencers, the fast-moving cryptocurrency is tightly associated with the Twittersphere, with thousands of industry leaders and market makers sharing tips, exposing scams and...

PrimeXBT Review

Prime XBT is a fairly new trading site for cryptocurrency trading, as well as other properties like stocks and commodities.  This review will cover my exchange experience, and what you need to know about before you use it. Try PrimeXBT What is PrimeXBT? PrimeXBT...

The Guide To The Perfect Crypto Tweet.

You want to know how to script the perfect tweet in crypto? If you don’t want to invest in a marketing company like ourselves but you still want to get a huge reach on your tweets and become a real force in the community. Let's get started.  First things first...

How Crypto Has Changed Since 2017

We all remember the bull run in summer 2017.  Oh, what a summer.  When times were simpler.  No pandemic and Despacito was number one.  Anyway back to crypto.  In summer 2017 we saw the crypto market peak, having $20,000 per bitcoin in...

Best Crypto Hashtags For Twitter

Crypto is one of the most talked about topics on twitter.  There are so many conversations going about crypto yet they aren’t all just under the hashtag #Crypto.  There are hundreds of hashtags for crypto.  Some are more popular than others and some get...

Zil Price Prediction – $50 in the next 10 years!

A project based in Singapore called Zilliqa is a strong contender to tackle the scalability problem and has quickly established itself as one of 2018 's hottest coins. Then they went under the radar, mostly because of their own fault and the deadlines they missed....

Paypal Taking Crypto To The Moon!

So if you are like me, you are getting extremely excited about what is going on in the crypto industry.  This was compounded by the news release coming out on 22nd June 2020 from PayPal.  PayPal is getting into crypto.  Yes, you read that correctly....

How To Promote Your Startup Crypto Project

Crypto is taking over the world! Cryptocurrency and startups based on crypto have exploded onto the scene in recent times, and we will see more and more grow and come to fruition.  Initial coin offerings (ICOs) help generate funding for startups that have exceeded the...

VeChain (VET) Price Prediction – LOOKING AMAZING LONG TERM

Did you know the project started at VeChain in 2007?  Although its crypto-monetary token was launched much later and since then the project has evolved considerably, VeChain is indeed one of the oldest projects. Sunny Lu, former CIO of Louis Vuitton China,...