Exchanges are platforms for trading which allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 

Your first encounter purchasing bitcoin and altcoins is likely to involve an exchange of cryptocurrencies. 

For most consumers, they are the best way to get bitcoins, as they ease the buying process considerably.


What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Crypto Exchange  platforms match buyers with sellers. 

It serves effectively as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, enabling them to exchange, among others, electronic and fiat money for bitcoin, ether, and litecoin.

These work in the same way as other capital markets, such as shares. 

People using exchanges are called’ traders’ because they often buy and sell within a short period of time. 

The crypto exchange is a high-tech center where all trades are carried out using the state-of – the-art computer software developed based on the latest IT solutions.

In fact, a cryptocurrency exchange is just what it sounds like – a website or app where you can swap Bitcoin and other digital currencies for traditional currencies including sterling.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are active 24 hours a day, 7 days, unlike traditional trading hours.

How Do Crypto Exchanges Work?

Like a traditional stock exchange, by entering either a market order or a limit order, traders can opt to buy and sell bitcoin. 

The dealer authorizes the exchange to swap his coins for the best available value on the online marketplace when a trading order is picked. 

The trader directs the exchange to trade coins with a limit order.

Crypto exchanges set currency rates. 

The cryptocurrency rate usually depends on sellers and buyers ‘ actions, although other factors may affect the price.

There may be different options and functions for various crypto exchanges. 

Some are made for traders, while others are made for prompt exchange of crypto-fiat. 

Trading platforms also charge fees for the account withdrawal of money.

What Are The Types of Exchanges?

As we can see now, all these types of exchanges are different, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Many people want to be anonymous and share their crypto through distributed networks, while others just don’t trust the centralized ones and want to monitor their coins. 

Some people prefer protection to usability and choose the most common exchanges like Bitrue.

Fiat – Crypto 

These are exchanges that enable you to purchase a cryptocurrency directly from your fiat currency (government-based currency such as the US dollar or the British Pound).

These are most common among those who are unfamiliar with the crypto market as it allows easy access to their choice’s cryptocurrency without much trouble.

The problem with these exchanges is that they don’t seem to give a range of coins, so if all you want is bitcoin, they’re good, but for a more unusual altcoin.


Peer-to-peer exchanges are those that only match a buyer with a seller and are not going to take the other side of a deal. 

The most famous example is Localbitcoins, which will match a buyer with a number of sellers (if available), offering the buyer the option of choosing the best selection price.

They would usually provide a escrow service for both buyer and seller to reduce counterparty risk.

Crypto – Crypto 

Such exchanges will only allow you to use another to buy one cryptocurrency. 

It means you’ll need to buy a cryptocurrency on a fiat – crypto exchange and then transfer it to the crypto wallet – crypto exchange before you first trade the coin you want to purchase.

This is normally the case for more experienced traders who are actively trading between coins to benefit quickly or want to buy smaller coins that are less known.


Brokerages are not purely exchanges, as they do not allow you to own the cryptocurrency that underlies them. 

But, because you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up a wallet, this does have its pluses.

What they are offering is a CFD product that allows you to speculate on the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without being exposed to the same risks offered by exchanges. 

The main risk is that they are unregulated, while brokers have to follow a strict set of rules defined by the regulatory body with which they are authorized.

For that reason alone, we tend to prefer using brokers. eToro or BDSWISS Option would be our preferred option.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Decentralized?

Decentralized exchanges — also known as DEX’s — are a modern technology that makes cryptocurrency trading on a distributed ledger simpler. 

These exchanges transfer funds and market authority back to the user and remove the single point of failure. 

A secondary effect is that confiscation of government taxes or assets can become almost impossible.

This may have significant long-term effects on the macroeconomic and geopolitical environment.

However, DEX software is still young and some shortcomings still remain, including some attack vectors. 

There are two types of exchanges for cryptocurrency: conventional exchanges and distributed exchanges.

A distributed exchange is aimed at functioning without any central figure in governance. 

This means the platform runs on a blockchain that does not hold any assets, information, or data, but allows user-to-user transactions to occur. 

By using smart contracts, a decentralized exchange produces something called “proxy tokens” that represent an asset that offers the possibility of tr

Issues of Custody

Well, there are downsides like all financial intermediaries that came before the exchange of cryptocurrency. 

On what are called “centralized exchanges,” or a CEX, most digital asset trading occurs.

For now, that’s the kind of trade we’re going to refer to. 

Such exchanges should be used with caution, because they allow custody of your digital assets for the purpose of doing business. 

This has major implications for the purchase and sale of altcoins–trading altcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange means the implicit lack of ownership of your new assets.

What Is The Major Threat To Exchanges In Cryptocurrency?

Please be prepared to face big risks if you’re looking for big money within the crypto space. 

Let’s mention the case of Mt. Gox, a newcomer to the crypto training set up in 2013. 

It was the biggest Bitcoin intermediary in the world, handling 70 percent of the Bitcoin exchanges in the world. 

Mt Gox’s customers lost 850,000 BTC. 

So it’s crucial to always look at the security aspects of any exchange and determine if you’re willing to handle it on your own and try a decentralized one, like IDEX, or use some of the above-mentioned exchanges that have state-of – the-art security, like Binance or Coinbase.

This market is full of money, and the government is always interested in new ways, if not the whole cake, to get a sweet piece of cake. 

Regulation, taxes, restrictions, compulsory KYC / AML procedures are all real challenges. 

They can only be dealt with by a well-prepared and experienced team.

Purchase and Selling Of Cryptocurrencies Through An Exchange

You buy the crypto coins yourself if you buy cryptocurrencies through an exchange. 

To open a position, you will need to create an exchange account, set up the asset’s full value, and store the cryptocurrency tokens in your own wallet until you are ready to sell.

Exchanges have their own steep learning curve as you need to get to grips with the involved software and learn how to make the information meaningful. 

Many exchanges also have limits on how much you can deposit while holding accounts can be very costly.

How Do Exchange Make Money? 

This is a very sensitive issue because it relates to something that we all love – money! 

Exchanges make a variety of ways of making money. 

The first and most effective way is to divide between buying orders and selling orders.

This is also one of the reasons why decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are not so popular.

They do not have access to user funds because they are held in private wallets. 

Users store their funds on centralized exchanges in wallets provided by the exchange itself.

Choosing Your Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is difficult to say that the ‘ best ‘ is any form of cryptocurrency exchange. 

Everyone has different needs and some platforms will serve them better than others.

Some considerations you should consider when making your decision are as follows:


Most cryptocurrency exchanges have geographical limitations, so testing what is actually available in your country is the first thing to do.

Fees and charges

These vary from 0.5 percent to 5 percent (ouch) across platforms. These are simply charges for service to use the exchange.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Many systems will accept larger capital volumes than others – so find one that suits your investment rate.

Trading Choices

Trading choices which currencies on which exchanges are available? Only a handful of different options are available for most.


It is extremely important to have safety, customer experience and accessibility.

It doesn’t matter if the charges are low and if it doesn’t work as intendedent, the withdrawal limits are high.

More significantly, don’t rely on word of mouth alone. 

It works for someone else may not work for you, so discovering the perfect crypto platform is worth doing some independent research.

Final Words

It can be a challenging and time-consuming method to find the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for your specific needs.

No form of exchange for cryptocurrencies is better than another. 

Based on your unique needs and use case, your choice will depend. 

If you’re searching for a quick way to trade bitcoin, you may want to look at a crypto broker’s services.

If you are interested in buying and selling bitcoins against the market, actively trading cryptocurrencies.

A centralized exchange (CEX) may be cheaper. 

Advanced users looking for the best bitcoin price may find decentralized exchanges (DEX) their best match by avoiding commissions.

Remember to pay attention to the fees, reputation, security, processes of verification and geographic services.

Remember that only one cryptocurrency exchange is not limited to you.