Crypto is taking over the world!

Cryptocurrency and startups based on crypto have exploded onto the scene in recent times, and we will see more and more grow and come to fruition. 

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) help generate funding for startups that have exceeded the more traditional venture funding.

This has levelled the playing field and is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Now anyone, anywhere in the world with the idea that people believe in can fund their business with a crowd sale.

Times are changing. It is no longer all about Bitcoin, either.

There are thousands of emerging altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) in circulation now, with a great promise beyond currency application.

And they’re creating more every day so that number will only grow further.

We are in the early years of this rapidly emerging technology which could have important and disruptive effects across industries.

It involves fragmentation of the electronic media and publishing through advances in open social networking, content management systems and advertisement networks.

With this new and emerging market, it is hard to understand what the audience is.

But we have been working in the crypto industry since 2017 and over this time we have been working hard to understand who the audience are, in as much detail as possible so we can help others grow their company.

So, let’s look at how you can promote your crypto based project:

Connect With Crypto Associations

Cryptocurrencies associations continue to play a key role in the crypto. in 2019. 

Some Crypto organizations are forum-like and easy to join; others require unique business relationships or a geographical place to stay. 

Even if you are not qualified to join each party, look at any contact that you make as invaluable promotional avenues.

There are no hard-and-fast rules on how best to make contacts, but the best approach is to reach out in whatever way you get the quickest connection. 

Fill in a web form, sign up for a forum, make a phone call — do whatever it takes to get in the room of the with crypto specialise.

Start with the Basics

Websites, social media networks, email newsletters, and blogs that seem like marketing tactics that are all too easy.

Instead of seeing these strategies as simple, think of them as fundamental: most companies can do them, but few businesses do them well.

Websites: Make sure your website is transparent about the services that your company offers.

Make contact easy for prospective clients, and consider using a website-building platform like Wix, Divi or WordPress if your budget is small.

Newsletters: Another avenue that gets content to your audience is a newsletter. Your email list is yours alone, contrary to media and fora. Send out your best blog posts, don’t spam, and your newsletter ‘s value will rise.

Blogs: Most new ventures are unable to afford time or money for the form of content marketing that drives more developed businesses’ web traffic. Nevertheless, blogs can share news about your project and provide social media content.

Social media: Standard corporate social media channels — Twitter and LinkedIn — are good avenues for posting news, joining conversations, and building connections. It is worth keeping a presence on Facebook, too.

Connect With Crypto Visionaries and Experts

Normally, the crypto space is very open and welcoming — experts who have solved some of the biggest problems in this space will be happy to converse online with beginners. 

There are lots of people out there who have been in crypto since the start and have a huge wealth of knowledge and are happy to help and talk. 

The best way to start these conversations is to follow and tweet people on Twitter.

Go to Crypto Conferences

If you can go to an industry conference to talk, great! If not, go to make contacts — get into discussions with your bosses, rivals, and potential customers and get your name and your project out there. 

There is nothing that can substitute networking and simple face to face interactions because at these conferences you can learn huge amounts of information as well.

Create Trust and Build Authority

The crypto space is sometimes compared to the Wild West.

Crypto has a reputation for being riddled with crime and underhanded dealings. 

With these attitudes, priority should be given to establishing yourself as a legitimate, legit company.

Don’t forget The best credential for your company. If it’s up, going, and looking fine, then share and reveal it. 

If your product is not up-to-date or has issues, it’s obvious why — as well as being open about token value, buyback plans, and every other element of the growth of your project.

Help people understand Your Value Proposition

If people can’t understand what your project does, how can you expect them to invest or promote your project? 

So what you need to do is make sure you break everything down as simply as possible. 

This will help attract people to pick up your project and become interested. 

Employ Crypto Ambassadors

Crypto ambassadors share their knowledge and expertise with the wider crypto and business world. 

They will not only help promote your project but also bring in their expertise. 

Overall, crypto ambassadors will help you promote and legitimize your blockchain project.

Promote Your Crypto Project Wisely

Marketing a crypto project comes with specific challenges. 

You will have to overcome misconceptions, the mixed reputation of the crypto space, and poor knowledge among your target audience of what crypto is and the potential and use it has.

If you are undergoing a project then I strongly recommend you bring on a marketing team like us. 

What we do is bring in a huge amount of knowledge in both crypto but also how to market it through us working in the marketing industry for over 6 years now.

Let’s talk more and let us take your project to the moon.