Swell, hosted by Ripple, brings together the world’s leading policy, payment and technology experts for today’s most provocative global payment dialog.


What is Swell by Ripple?

Every year, beginning in 2017, Ripple Labs holds an annual conference called Swell focused on the payment industry, usually gaining support from leaders in finance and technology to talk about the future of space, creativity, and much more.

Ripple Swell draws exciting speakers such as Bill Clinton and Dr. Rajan, Chief Economist, IMF Head of Research.

Ripple tends to make special announcements, for example, when xRapid came online.

The conference focuses primarily on the payment industry and gathers in different areas, such as finance and innovation, its support from several members.

The event provides important networking opportunities, training, debate, and much more for Ripple and anyone involved in the project, and is crucial to driving Ripple’s consumer acceptance and use of the XRP token.

swell by ripple

XRP price action around Swell

XRP’s recent price rise seems to fit with the upcoming event. 

As a matter of fact, before the other two Swell conferences were held, this cryptocurrency seems to mimic its price action. 

Based on historical data, in anticipation of the meeting, the market value of XRP is increasing exponentially.

xrp price

2017 Toronto Swell Conference 

Swell’s first version was titled “Swell: The Future is Here” from 16-18 October 2017 in Toronto.

The Swell pump fizzled out in 2017, but news from the event and the bullish momentum surrounding the crypto industry led to 20 cents of XRP pumping to its all-time high above $3.

2018 San Francisco Swell Conference 

The second annual customer conference of Swell by Ripple.

The 2018 conference had 14 diverse workshops, featuring 32 speakers, the world’s leading government, payment and technology experts converged on the future of payments in San Francisco.

This event also provided an opportunity to meet, share and build new corridors on RippleNet for Ripple’s customers.

2019 Singapore Swell Conference 

The 2019 Ripple SWELL Conference is scheduled to take place in Singapore on Thursday, November 7, 2019, to Friday, November 8, 2019.

This years conferences speakers will be:

  • Kamal Quadir bKash CEO
  • Ambassador Chan Heng Chee Ambassador-at-Large, Singapore Foreign Ministry
  • Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at Chicago Booth
2019 guests

Conclusion on Swell 

Past events have shown that the end of the event is always time to close positions and carry in accumulated gains during 2017 and 2018. 

The 2019 years is set to be a huge event with a number of guests being invited from the xrp community.

Keep your eyes pealed on the news whihc comes out of Swell as it could have a very positive effect on XRP price action.

Lets see what Ripple and its partners announce.