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You want to know how to script the perfect tweet in crypto?

If you don’t want to invest in a marketing company like ourselves but you still want to get a huge reach on your tweets and become a real force in the community.

Let’s get started. 

First things first before you do any tweet you need a topic. 

Something you want to focus on. 

The best tweets are ones that talk about the latest and most current topics as this is because people are looking to engage with that content and engagement grows your tweet past your own audience. 

For example, you could talk about XRP. 

This is a really active and popular area of crypto. 

Great hashtags you can use in you’re tweeting for XRP are #XRP #XRPCommunity #XRPStandard

Now you have your topic, let’s craft the tweet.

Keep It Short and Snappy

Character cap on Twitter is what separates it from other social networking sites. 

Messages are supposed to be rapid and descriptive. 

It’s not always easy to get the point across in limited characters, which is why it can take a few attempts to craft the perfect message. 

When you write a tweet, you need to get right to the point – Cut out all the extra fluff and think of your tweet as the headline you want the readers to draw on.

Include a Photo/Meme

Attach a graphic to your tweet, where possible. 

It makes the tweets stand out on the Twitter newsfeed for a person, and studies show that tweets with attached visuals caused a lot more interaction than text-only tweets. 

If you struggle to find an image to use. 

You can find free royalty-free images on Pixabay.

Include a Link

Always provide a connection in your tweet, if you can. 

Research has shown that tweets with links in them have a retweet rate of 85 per cent higher than those that don’t. 

The link back to your website or other social media accounts enhances the traffic on different platforms.

Add Hashtags

Using a couple of hashtags in each tweet to include the message in a much bigger discussion. 

What kind of hashtag? 

Hashtags are a huge part of what makes Twitter such a strong platform when it comes to reaching out to other people and getting involved. 

When you use a hashtag in your tweet it is automatically aggregated using the same hashtag with other tweets. 

This generates a stream of tweets, all appropriate for a particular subject. 

For example, if you’re using the hashtag #XRP in your Giving Tuesday tweet, your tweet will be included in the hashtag stream #XRP. 

This means users who are interested in #XRP and exploring that stream will see your tweet, and engage if they are interested.

I have laid out the basic structure to craft the perfect tweet. 

But I want to leave you with the final thing. 

Not every tweet you put out there will go viral. It is just not possible. 

But if you follow the basic struct laid out above, then you can increase the odds of getting the perfect tweet that goes viral. 

Also, just tweet away.

Tweet as much as you can. 

Because the more you tweet, the more you can grow your profile because twitter will help push the most active accounts. 
Let get tweeting and why not tweet us @TimeForCrypto.