Podcasts are becoming the go-to way of consuming the best crypto information. Here is a list of our top recommended crypto podcasts you should be listening to in 2019. 

Please let us know of any other podcasts we should mention in this list as we will be updating it over time.   

The Time For Crypto Podcast

timeforcrypto podcast

Uploading at least once a week The Time For Crypto Podcast is not to be missed often covering breaking crypto news and current world financial affairs. 

This is our podcast so we are going to big it up. Each one of our podcasts covers a topic which we mentioned at the start of each episode we then build our podcast around it. 

We can often take the podcast in a different direction from the main topic but find a way of bringing it back to the topic and linking it to the crypto space. 

What Bitcoin Did Podcast 

The What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Peter McCormack offers free sound-bites of technical analysis and interviews with leading experts in cryptocurrency & blockchain, sharing extensive knowledge with the community.

The podcasts draws on a historic bitcoin timeline, going back to Silk Road days, describing the emergence of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and how it ended up at the location it is today.

What Bitcoin Did features some of the cryptocurrency space’s brightest businessmen, technologists, investors and thinkers.

WBD podcast covers a nice mix of topics from business, technology, beginning, and advanced. Whether you are interested in learning about the foundations of bitcoin technology or the ramifications of the new hard fork, this podcast is an incredible resource. 

All the shows have a long-form approach; the average length of the episode is more than an hour. You can expect to drop each week a new episode.

Please Note: Don’t mention XRP to Peter! 

Unchained Podcast 

unchained podcast

Laura Shin began her Unchained podcast while at Forbes she was still a senior editor.

Now she runs Unchained full-time, each week releasing a new podcast.

Through long interviews, the Unchained podcasts present the latest news and opinions from experts. 

The Unchained Podcast has became a leading force for Crypto intellectualism during its lifetime.

SPQR Media Podcast

spqr media podcast

The podcasts which the lads do are based around the one the only XRP and the technology around it.  

With its trademark mix of hard-nosed research and amusing diversions, the serious crypto problems, making every episode a light-hearted (but extremely insightful) journey into the xrp / inter ledger world.

We enjoy listening to the lads simple and practical reviews, brief recaptures of the most relevant XRP information and cryptocurrency coverage. 

Digital Asset Investor Podcast 

the digital asset investor podcast

DAI aka The Digital Asset Investor is always talking about gems of information within the crypto space especially XRP. 

Posting multiple times a day, definitely a podcast to subscribe to for breaking news and information. 

If Twitter is one of the most important ways to get your crypto updates, this is your podcast. You will be able to listen to many of the people with whom you communicate everyday.

We also would like to congratulate DAI for getting an invite to the Swell conference by Ripple. 

Off the Chain Podcast 

off the chain podcast

Hosted by the man the myth the legend Anthony “Pomp” Pomplian Of the Chain is Of the scale when it comes to crypto. 

Although listening to it may at first sound very daunting to blockchain newbies, it is definitely one of the most useful resources to get to know blockchain and cryptocurrency tech – and find out how industry insiders are thinking about some of the biggest challenges. 

In addition to addressing current market issues, Pomp and his guests also look forward to the future of crypto and have meaningful discussions about what will come next in space. 

The show’s guests come from a variety of backgrounds, including businesspeople, researchers, and industry experts.