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Yes, the moon. 

If you love or hate Vechain influencers, the fast-moving cryptocurrency is tightly associated with the Twittersphere, with thousands of industry leaders and market makers sharing tips, exposing scams and controversies, tossing insults and pumping the price.

Personally, we get a lot of feedback from the people around VET/Vechain that we will list here.

Many of them may be people that you already know while others are different. 

The aim is to communicate with people who are trustworthy so you can trust their details within the VET space. 

To get you started on your search for the best VET twitter accounts, we have completed a list of the top 10 vechain influencers that you can continue to fill in your social media with appropriate accounting thought leadership. 

You could even start your own VET twitter profile and join the awesome community.

Moon Shot Caller

Vechain 247

I Vechain

Ve Bull

VeThor Vendetta

VeChian Brothers

Crypto Kenny

Vechain Node